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 What We Do 

You've made a great decision to self-fund your health insurance. You want to invest in employee health and increase productivity. Now what?

 Alara Care Health Intelligence Engine 
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In-depth analysis of health, spending, and enterprise data allows you to discover drivers of healthcare costs and assess future risk.

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Use company-specific insights and easy to understand analytics to target the drivers of your healthcare costs and improve employee health.

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Optimize your healthcare spending. Track the impact of your investments in employee health to maximize the benefit to your bottom line.

Alara Care takes privacy seriously. We maintain HIPAA compliance by using industry best practices to maintain data security. But we don't stop there.

For employees, we keep your data private. We don't share personally identifiable health information with your employer or third parties.

For employers, we allow you to develop health insights about your workforce without exposing you to conflicts of interest.

“We care about the health of our employees and want to craft a wellness program based on outcomes, rather than simply providing yoga classes. As a medium-sized business, our options are limited and expensive. Alara Care is our healthcare concierge and leads us through every step of the way to implement a common-sense preventive care solution. An investment in our team’s health and productivity is one of the easiest choices I’ve made.”

Jake Harrington, CEO, On-Site

How can you optimize your healthcare spending?

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